Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Wedding Weekend - 2 Days Prior

The one weekend that we have planned the entire summer around arrived. We called it the “wedding weekend” whenever we spoke to our friends. We would say “nope, we can’t do the river then, that’s the wedding weekend, Jess and Matt are getting married and we’ll be on the Selway.”
A falls across the Selway River.

At 6:00 AM the Wednesday of “wedding weekend” we drove down I-95 through Moscow, past stinky hot Lewiston, up the Clearwater River to Lowell, Idaho. July 24th, was not only three days prior to the wedding, it more importantly was Linda’s birthday.  We had two camp goals when we left on our trip, one was to camp on the Selway, accomplishing Linda’s annual requirement of being  on a river for her birthday. The other was to see Selway Falls during our adventure.  Just past Lowell we turned right and crossed the river on a bridge that spans the Lochsaw River. This bridge is located just above where the Selway joins the Lochsaw on its journey to the sea.  This area is called Three Rivers. The Lochsaw and Selway come together and form the Middle Fork of the Clearwater River which then flows down to Lewiston Idaho and on down to form the Columbia River.
Our camp sight for the three days.
Slowly we made our way up the Selway River checking out possible camp sites.  Most sites on the river are small and very close to the road.  Close to the road means dust, but fortunately there was very few vehicles traveling about.  We also noticed that a lot of the sites were trashed by the previous users. Most all had large amounts of garbage in the fire pits or around the picnic tables.  It is a shame that people don’t respect such a beautiful place.

We drove up to Selway Falls and checked it our briefly. The river was flowing low which made the falls look a lot less intimidating then saw on my past visits.  We drove on and checked out the camp sites at Selway Falls Campground, turned the truck around and headed back down river.  Our upriver scout had provide us two choices for camping, 25 Mile Camp and Boyd Camp.  We chose Boyd campsite #1 because of the access road into the site.  It was farther away from the river, but the site had shade most all day and was far enough off the road to let the dust dissipate before it hit us. The site has a concrete slab that overlooks the river. It was level and easy to set up on.
It was hot, just ask Kobi.
Once we were set up and ready for our stay we went down to the river and swam.  There was a great little beach that allowed us to enter the river via sand and there was a big eddy which gave Kobi a great place to fetch sticks.

On Thursday we ate breakfast and went for a bike ride up river.  Kobi ran along beside us and we let him go down to the river to lie in the cool water whenever he wanted. He was not allowed to go into any culverts along the way. This was a big point of contention between the humans and the dog.  The humans won, sort of.
Big guy, big bike.
When we returned Linda took the dog and went down to the swimming beach.  I joined her later and brought my fishing rod.  I goofed around fishing up river using several different flies.  I caught a couple whitefish but the nice cutthroat evaded me.  I returned to where Linda and Kobi were sunning and made one final change of flies.  I put on a grasshopper pattern with a San Juan worm dropper.  I tossed this combination into the area where the stream that entered the river merged and boom I had a cutthroat on the worm. It was nice sized but nothing to write home about, I released it and walked over near Linda.

Our beach at Boyd Camp.
 I stood on the beach and cast right on the edge of the stream mouth. BOOM, another nice cutthroat hit the grasshopper.  Linda had just picked up the camera so she got ready to get a picture of the fish if I got it in to shore.  I worked it in but it ran several times. The sound of it taking out line drew Kobi’s attention and as I landed it he moved in.  What a mess!  I was working the fish to get it released, Linda was trying to take pictures, and Kobi wanted to jump on the fish!  You can see by the series of photos that it didn’t go well from there. I had to quickly grab the fish as Kobi was moving in to also grab the fish. Photo one is of me holding the fish to get the hook out. Note Kobi’s nose entering the picture. Next he lunged at the fish and I turned to get it under control to release it. The final shot is of me extracting the San Juan worm hook out of my hand. The fish released its self when Kobi made his move. The fish kept the grasshopper, I kept the San Juan worm and Kobi was in the dog house.  I learned a big lesson about fishing with Kobi, DON’T.   

Fish - Before Kobi.
No fish, Hand HOOKED. - After Kobi.

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