Saturday, May 04, 2013

Mid-life Crisis! Stinky Jeep

After our trip to Moab and after talking about what we wanted to do with our little Stinky Jeep, we decided that we could do some major improvements to Stinky Jeep with the money we would spend on a new Jeep.  I had my ideas about what I would do to improve the little guy, and Linda had hers.  We made a list each and compared the top items.  Linda requested a stereo, new seats and improvements to the over all ride.  I wanted the ride improvements, a new muffler, and a stereo.  We looked the list over and decided to first put in a stereo, then improve the ride and finally upgrade the muffler. Other things would come later if we felt we could.

I did some research and got all confused.  First, there are a million stereos out there and I no longer had the interest I used to possess to install music devices into vehicles.  Last one I put together had a bitchin' eight track in it. My first tunes were off the Jimmy Hendrix "Cry of Love" tape.

I drove into Aspen Sound and bought a stereo with a sound bar and had them install it into old Stinky.  While there I talked to the sales guy and asked if he knew some place to get some work done on the Jeep and he suggested Perfection Tire in Post Falls.  Heck that's where I always go for auto work!  I drove out to Perfection and talked to Tony and told him what I was thinking.

I basically said we wanted to improve the Jeep by lifting it a bit, but not huge. Three inches at the most.  He got right on it and said drop the Jeep off the next day.  I did and here are the results.
Stinky Jeep - Before
Big Stinky Jeep - AFTER

Taillight guard project, a needed improvement.

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