Saturday, May 04, 2013

Fishing with Darren

During the Big Stinky Jeep improvement project I was able to get my boat into Lake Coeur d'Alene for the summer boating season.  Darren Upchurch called and let us know that they had returned from their Moab trip and so I invited him fishing Friday.

We were out for about four hours and Darren caught a Pike and a big Bass.  When Darren's Pike hooked up I had a hit at the same time.  We had our first double on but I lost mine.  It was my fault because I played it a bit, got the net and put the motor in natural. I probably should have attended to the fish but during the other movements it got off.

It was a fun day for our first cruise of Cougar Bay; many more to come.

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jamminalong said...

Nice Pike you've been catching. We headed out last weekend for walleye but didn't get any bites. I think the river was too low. Landed 2 trouts though so it was still fun.

Watching the countdown by the way! Go Linda!!