Monday, April 29, 2013

What's Up?

My last post had us on Linda's last spring break trip down into Utah, now we are biding our time waiting for Linda's big day.  If you were to run into her and ask her how many days she has left, she would not hesitate to tell you.  30 day of teaching left in her career.  It is starting to get real close.

What do we do when we are on the big countdown?  We wait, watch the weather, work on the yard, plan and let the realization that she only has a quick count down left before we are able to do everything we have been planning for.

I have been filling my time by working on the yard and house, and when the weather cooperates I go fishing.  Last week I took my brother fishing.  We have never gone fishing together since we were little kids with Dad.  We went out to Hayden lake and fished for Pike. 

We were dragging lures and cruising the shores.  I caught the first fish within the first half hour and then it slowed down.  We fished for several hours and didn't catch anything.  As we turned the boat for the ramp to pull the boat out, Dale caught his fish.  I was glad he caught one and it was good sized!

Kevin Reed as former student at NIC.  In fact he was a student way back in the days when we were building the new Student Union.  That was about 15 years ago.

We fished Hayden but launched at the Honeysuckle boat ramp. Our goal was to catch some Blueback, but they were evading us so we went into shore and started fishing for Crappie.  I was fishing a small jig but it was very slow.  I tossed into shore and reeled slowly back and boom!  I caught a 21 inch trout!  That was very odd. 

Nothing else happened and we came back to the dock by about noon.  It was good being out on the boat and I really enjoyed Kevin's company.

I plan on putting the boat into Coeur d'Alene Lake this week which will make fishing much easier, this will mean I will probably post more about fish.  We will keep you posted on Linda's retirement and if we have any adventures you will be the first to know.

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thetclife said...

well fishing while you wait for her retirement really isn't a bad thing huh? lol
maybe I should get my fishing license this year. I didn't even go once last year, something is wrong with that.