Friday, April 05, 2013

We Drove the Colorado River Overlook FWD Trail

Back in the Canyonlands National Park we decided that we wanted to do some 4 x 4-ing and so we took a drive out to the Colorado River Overlook.  Our real hard rock four wheeling experience has been very limited, so we look at our guide book for specific information about trail conditions.
On the drive into Canyonlands National Park.

The guide book said that this Jeep trail was about 14 miles long and was considered very easy for Jeep travel.  It stated that there were two difficult areas along the route that would need attention but that the final 1.5 miles were smooth going on slickrock.

We had gathered water sandwiches and some apples and were on our way.

This was an "easy" trail, yeah right!
The first part of the road was very sandy and wound north to the canyon rim hard rock.  We came to the two hard four wheel areas and with some very slow and steep climbing we mad it over them.  They were about my limits as an amateur 4 x 4-er.  The path took us over some rough slickrock and along the rim until about 12 mile in and then we were stopped.
Colorado River is below.

The road continued, but it was much rougher then anything we had covered to this point.  In fact it was the most technical four wheeling that I had ever attempted. 
I looked it over and weighed our options.  I know we probably could have made it, but being in old Stinky Jeep, with regular road tires and no suspension upgrades we felt that we had better not chance it.  Another factor was that we were alone out there, if something happened, it was a 12 mile hike back.  We parked the Jeep and started hiking along the Jeep trail.  Wow, if this was and easy trail I want to see a hard one!  It was a fun hike and we made it back to our Jeep with no problems.  The drive out was fun and Linda took some pictures of me and the Jeep maneuvering along a couple of the harder spots. 

On the way our we stopped and ate lunch enjoying the ending of a great adventure.

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