Friday, April 05, 2013

Antelope Island State Park & Home

On Wednesday we talked and decided to leave the Windwhistle area and drive north heading home.  The drive down was to long days and I felt that if we could break it into a three day trip I would feel better when we arrived back in Post Falls.

We packed that night and left the first thing on Thursday morning.  The drive was windy and uneventful.  When ever we had cell phone coverage Linda did research and found a place to camp at Antelope Island State Park.  This park is an actual island in the Great Salt Lake.  You drove out there on a causeway that crossed a bridge.  This allowed them to call it and actual island.

Our camp spot at Antelope Island State Park.
One thing I can tell you about this place was that there were no trees out there.  The camp areas were flat and devoid of any shade. The wind blew the entire time we were there and at times it shook the camper pretty hard.

Linda and Kobi on the shores of the Great Salt Lake.
When we arrived we walked out over the sand beach to the Great Salt Lake.  It was our first time this close to the lake and we found it to be quite strange.  It smelled like a salt marsh that had very little vegetation around it. We were not really impressed.

Sand and salt, Kobi loved it and rolled in it!
The wind blew all night and we left the area at about 6 am.  We drove to Dillon Montana and found a Good Sam RV campground where we used a free night stay coupon that we had.  The showers were very nice and we got our selves cleaned up and refreshed.

Our final leg took us home via I-90 and we arrived in Post Falls at about 1:30 pm. 
I tasted the Great Salt Lake. Yuck!
This buffalo was grazing near our camper.


thetclife said...

we actually want to go there sometime, to the island campground. I know there are no trees and such but its just a different prettiness. i see that the campground has shelters at the campsites. at least that is what i found online. there are shelters there correct?

welcome back home.

Dean said...

In the row that we were in there was one set of shutters out of the 15 camp sites. We were in the White Rock Bay overflow sites. If you go be aware of the breeze and when it is not blowing be aware of the bugs. Lots of hiking and biking if you stay there.