Friday, April 05, 2013

Around our Camp Site

During the time when we were around our camp, Daren and I set out to explore the area southeast of our camp site.  There was a Jeep trail that led back that direction so we took it!  The trail turned out to end about a mile and a half out at the edge of a slickrock cliff.  We looked around and her are a few of the pictures from that outing.

Jeeping with Darren South of camp.
Marcy and Kobi enjoying drinks with Linda.
Wilson's Arch
Above is a photo of Wilson's Arch, it can be viewed via highway 191.  We passed it every time we went into Moab or back. I don't know exactlu why the photo got placed here, but this is what happens when you are uploading from your Jeep by the side of the road.

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