Thursday, January 03, 2013

Windy Fishing?

On the 2nd of January we set out with Jerry to hunt down the elusive dorado.  Reports had been good and fish ere being caught each day at a very consistent rate.  Enter the Dean factor, weather change and rain.  It rained the two days prior to our trip and most of the night before we left.  I call it the Dean factor because I have yet to have the right weather conditions for fishing for stealhead back home this year.  I ether have a change of weather, or rising rivers, or too much sunshine.  I haven't had the perfect stealheading day that has followed me down to Mexico.

Our trip provided us with three barrilete, which we tossed back and one small barracuda which we kept and ate.

Bill and Jerry at the boat.

How do you light one of these?

Bill's first ocean fish!

Dum da da lum, da da da... barracuda! (Music by Heart)



jamminalong said...
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jamminalong said...

Dean would you confirm what kind of toothy grin that is in the bottom pic? :)