Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Sucks

Tim Tam Slam… ever done one? You need several items to make it happen:  hot coffee or chocolate, frozen Tim Tams, and someone who can connect to the internet to find directions and videos is mandatory.  It was our annual President’s Day weekend trip to Hill’s Resort and the usual suspects arrived.  Rania and Dean had the fire started and the cabin warm when we joined them a 1:30 PM.  Bridget and Dennis were a bit farther behind, but they joined us by 7:30 PM.

The Tim Tam thing came up when Bridget announced that she had brought some Tim Tam cookies that she had bought in Canada.  It seems that these sweet treats have found their niche via a cult-like following.  We gathered around the kitchen table as Bridget researched the techniques involved in doing a slam correctly. 

You take a frozen Tim Tam and bite off the two opposite ends.  With a hot steaming cup of coffee sitting in front of you, you grasp the Tim Tam and bite off a bit from each end, and then suck the coffee through the entire cookie.  As the coffee filters through the cookie, it melts the caramel candy in the middle.  As you continue to suck, the hot liquid moves through the chocolate.  It all collapses and you stuff the remaining candy into your mouth.

Bridget was the first to test the slam and was very successful.  My slam was a bit of a failure.  I didn’t fill the coffee cup full enough and when I reached in to suck I dropped the cookie into the hot liquid.  Everything immediately turned to mush and I was forced to fling the cookie into my mouth without the coffee nudge.

My Tim Tam Slam was a complete failure, but the the cookie was excellent and I was able to drink my coffee without spilling down my front.

During the weekend we talked and laughed and on Saturday actually got outside and did some snowshoeing.  We had about three inches of fresh snow on the trail that was groomed for cross country skiing and snowshoeing, which made the event quite fun.

Later that evening after the Gonzaga basketball team lost, we had a wonderful dinner prepared by Bridget. 

Snowshoeing fun on the ski trails at Hill's.

Dinner and Red Solo Cups!

Side note:

On Sunday morning a parade of guys marched past our cabin.  Each one had a mask of determination across their face. The march was the result of a combination of alcohol and machismo.

They gathered on the dock, counted to three and jumped in the freezing cold water.  It took only seconds and they were out and running back to the warmth of their cabin.  Wish I could have had the foresight to sneak over to their living quarters and lock their doors! 

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