Saturday, December 24, 2011

So Little To Do, So Little Time

We are in our pattern down here.  We wake up about 7 AM, Linda goes out and runs, I either go fish from the beach or have my coffee and wake up.  If we have some small adventure planned we get ready for that.  Once the morning routine is complete we take some time to read before we play volleyball.

Volleyball is usually about an hour and the games are a lot of fun.  Once the competition is over, everyone chats, and we then go back to the house and lay out in the sun.  This is the hotter part of the day and it can be filled with reading, sleeping, eating or sometimes walking down town.

We gather and talk in the late afternoon and sometimes play volleyball.  It is at this time a location for dinner is discussed and meeting times are set.  About every other day we play cribbage with Larry and Maggie in the hours before sunset, then we all walk down to the beach to watch the big yellow ball fall into the water.

Everyone breaks up for an hour of cleaning and changing into their dinner attire. Then it is off to one of the many eating establishments for drinks and food.  We have the usual wonderful meal and when we are stuffed and content, we walk down town for our dessert.

The plaza usually has a multitude of things going on and the people watching is outstanding.  We end our outing with a walk home, stopping for groceries or the occasional baked goods.

Bedtime is about 9:30 PM or 10-ish.  Everyone has come to their own method of achieving sleep.  Some nights are better than others depending upon what festival is in progress, or what day of the week it is, who's brother is having a birthday, who is getting married, who's quince anos it is or who went to the tiangue and bought fireworks. Some nights are real loud, other nights are normal, but yo seldom get a quiet night like we have back home.

We have syncopated with the Melaque rhythm and are enjoying our little break.  Some might think it is too mundane for them, there is a night life and exciting adventures if you prefer that pace.  We like the slow laid back way of life down here.

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