Sunday, December 11, 2011


Los Palmas gang at the nightly ritual.
The traditional first sunset!
With anything you do that provides you enjoyment there is a time prior to the final event where you have to plan, stress, prepare, worry, wonder or expend energy.  Whether it is preparing for a contest like a fun run/race or getting it all together to go hunting or fishing, you have a time before the event where you expend energy and when the event finally happens you are ready and in the end you release the built up stress to enter into your endeavor.

That's where I am today.  The stress is gone and the realization of the fact that it is time to relax is hitting me. 

Our home up north is in good hands.  Kobi is probably loving the fact that he has someone else to bug that will actually put up with his little tricks.  We miss him, but I doubt he even realizes we are gone, he has a new mission and is probably focused on that.

Last week as we packed and made ready, the folks at work kept asking why we go down to this little town every year.  I thought about it last night as I listened to the waves from the ocean smash on the shore.  My conclusion was this; we relax, in the warmth of 85 degree weather, in a small town where we have few worries.  That about sums it up. 

We arrived in time to hug our good friends and join them on the beach for the nightly sunset.  We ate at Buen Guesto our traditional first nights meal and then went to the store for provisions.  That was the extent of our first day.  The plane flights down were rushed and crowded, but that part of the trip is over.  I'm going out to sleep in the sun.

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