Monday, December 19, 2011

Just a Fun Day!

Ride that spicy mutton!
Don and Caroline arrived today, Sunday, and so we have a big dinner over at Larry and Maggie's.  It was a wonderful meal of chicken with all the fixings.  We provided a fruit salad and Linda wore her metal she received at the 10K.  Everyone that finished the race received a metal, but we haven't told Linda that. She will probably wear the darn thing the rest of the time we are down here.  Hope she can make it through customs, it will set of the metal detectors if she gets close. (Just kidding about the award, she only slept with it and now she has put it away. LOL)
It was a bit hard for her to sleep with her award. I kept hitting her in the nose.
We walked down town after dinner, Teri and Bill stayed home as Bill was not feeling well.  The plaza was filled with people, more than we have ever run into before.  It was the second day of the Festival de Melaque and the nightly entertainment was a famous jazz fusion group. They had a flute, violin, bass, two guitars , drums and congas. Everything was electrified and loud.  The crowd loved them.

We walked over and watched the kids riding a small bull simulator. It was actually a mutton simulator and the kids loved it.  I took some photos of one of the kids.  He hung on for dear life, no expression, just a look of determination. I thought he was spinning so much that he might throw up, but once he was tossed his dad picked him up and off they went to another ride. What a hoot!

Don and Caroline were very tired so we walked back and everyone went to bed.

In the morning Don called over the fence and we were off fishing.  We had a bit of a late start, but we fished for a couple hours.  No fish were landed, but we talked about our past adventures and had a great morning.

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haerikson said...

Glad you guys are having fun!