Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Up The River

We packed up the camper and when Linda walked out the door at Fernan, Kobi and I were there to pick he up.  We drove down to Huckleberry Campground on the St. Joe and set up camp for the weekend.

We had a quick dinner on Friday night and played a game of cribbage. We were both very tired after the week and by 8:30 PM we were ready to hit the sack.

Saturday Linda got up and ran with Kobi and I puttered around and when they got back we had a great breakfast.  After eating and cleaning up I got my fishing gear together and headed out to hook some cutthroat.  I fished the riffle by the campground and caught six fish.  Three good sized ones and three a bit smaller but nice fish.  I walked down river and fished several runs.  I was using a Squalla with a Stone Fly dropper.  At the end of a run I changed my rig to a Stimulator with a Beadhead Hare's Ear Nymph.  About three casts later I hooked a big one on the nymph.  The Cut was over 18 inches and had a hooked jaw, it looked amazing!  I turned hig loose and headed back to the camper.

We cooked a Dutch oven dinner of calzone and crumb cake. Both dishes came out great and we ate and played cribbage till time for bed.  Next morning Lind got up and we noticed that the trailer folks next door had left.  There at their camp spot was a box of wood.  Linda ran over and grabbed it.  She immediately started a morning fire.  Morning fires are one of Linda's favorite camping things.  She sits, drinks her hot chocolate and reads.  She could stay there forever! 

We packed up and were home by 12:30 PM, when we hit Coeur d'Alene we went to Fred Meyer and grabbed our weekly groceries. The trip was a wonderful get away and we really enjoyed everything about it.  Next time I may remember to bring the camera so I have some photos to post.

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