Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leaded Line?

Gotta love fishing!
Fishing, why is it such a complex sport? Darren had his leaded line out four colors with maggots, I had one line out 80 ft. with 1 oz of weight on and my second line was down 20 ft., both with corn.  We were trolling at 1.4 knots. Then I changed it up and went with maggots and started catching on the weighted line.  Darren kept catching them on his leaded line, but I couldn't quite figure out how deep he was.  Both of us had a bunch of hits and lots of those hits translated into fish to the boat close enough to see them or out of the water and off the hook.  I caught some more on the weighted set up, so I change off the down rigger to a second weighted set up. Darren kept hitting fish but he was three colors back.  What the heck? The wind made it a bit difficult, we would get the fish right to the boat and they would come out of the water and bounce off the motor or gunnel and be gone.

These are the ones that didn't evade us.
That's the fun of fishing for Kokanee.  You move slowly through the water, try and figure out what depth the fish are, what they are hitting on and then, because of their soft mouths, you gently try to get them in the boat. We were able to boat about 19 in the time we had on the water.  Not bad, but boy if we had been able to catch every one we had on the hook, we would have limited out easily.

Like I said we fought some gusty winds all day.  The sun was out and there were times when the lake was smooth, but the majority of the time the wind ruled. But what can you say, fishing is good no matter if the catching is a bit off. 

I think I will get me another rod and set it up with leaded line.  No wonder guys that fish have 20 or more rods.  I've only got six snag units and five fly fishing rigs.  A man has got to be ready!

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