Monday, August 22, 2011

Quick Over Night Trip

This weekend we had a school leadership program that took me over to the Clarkfork River.  We rafted the Alberton Gorge on Saturday and then returned.  Everything went great. I wish Linda could have been there with us. I was a bit nervous because of the new knee.  When can I stop calling it new? It was one year exactly on Saturday that I was released from the hospital after the replacement surgery. The overnighter was fun but I was beat by the time I got home.  Guess at 57 I can't expect to be able to go out parting like I did in my youth.  Instead I took some ibuprofen and hit the sack.

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Jammin' Along said...

Dean sounds like a fun weekend! Didn't realize you had a knee replacement...good to hear all is well. Cheers! ~M