Monday, June 06, 2011

Great Weekend - No Photos

We packed up the camper and drove up Alder Creek to John and Loretta Sutherland's place and spent the weekend.  Ok it sounds a bit different but there was a Friday after work gathering and we wanted to attend.  We also wanted to go camping.  Therefore we combined the two and attended the party while camping! Problem solved. 

The set-up of the camper went very fast since we were on a gravel pad next to the creek and the barn.  It was a great spot with lots of sun.  We grabbed our chairs and walked up the hill to the house.  As the first to arrive we sat and talked and enjoyed the day.  Everyone arrived and we had a dinner you wouldn't believe.  I wanted to get some shots of the folks and the food but I had forgotten the camera down the hill in the camper.  I wasn't going to trudge down and back up just for pictures so the blog is empty.

Saturday we sat around in the sun and read.  Loretta visited us with Scout and after John finished mowing the grass he joined us and we enjoyed the afternoon.  Linda and I ate dinner in our camper and then walked up the hill and watched some TV.

Sunday we got up and drove home and then I packed up the boat and Mike Wassmuth came over and we went fishing on Hayden Lake.  I took the camera, but because Mike caught all the fish, I didn't take any pictures.  That will teach him!

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