Sunday, December 26, 2010

Surf Fishing

This morning Don and I were on the beach at sunrise and did a few hours of surf fishing. We walked south for about four blocks and found a school of bate fish. We then used Don's rod and reel and my flasher lure to entice the fish to attend breakfast with us. I caught a sardine that was about four inches long but then we caught two fish that they called Pompano.

Once we caught the two fish we caused a fish rush. A couple old boys saw us pull them in and rushed to their places and grabbed their gear. There have been so few fish caught lately that when someone gets luck, watch out!

Linda was out for her run so she came by to see if we caught anything. I think she was a bit surprised to see that we caught two fish.

We took the fish back to the place and I flied them, dipped them in flower and cooked em up for breakfast. Just another day in Paradise!

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