Friday, December 10, 2010

It's nice to have college students around!

Every year, around this time we are the luckiest guys in the world. We get to head out on our vacation with the knowledge that our house is in the competent hands of Kobi and students from North Idaho College. It's great to be able to find someone who will stay at our house and take care of Kobi. This years dog sitter is connected. I am sure that Kobi will be walked and played with by more than just one person from our student group. In fact he probably will be spoiled and not want to have us back at the end of our stay.

Tomorrow we leave for Melaque at 5 am. Boy that is early! So once again we start another adventure, we'll keep you posted.

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Beth said...

I'll be with you in spirit. I'm miserable that I can't come this year. Have a wonderful time - I'll watch the blog for stories and pix - and have a margarita for me, Lindy! Love you guys - have fun!!!