Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sitting and Thinking

I have had a lot of time to sit and think lately. It seems like when you have time to think you return to places that make you happy or where you are most comfortable. While in one of my semi-drug enhanced thinking sessions I kept floating back to our two trips down the Lower Salmon River this summer. I though about the camp sites, the weather, the critters and insects, our friends and the over all feeling that a trip like this leave me.

When we talk about river trips of the summer, many folks smile and say "Oh, you did the Lower, that's nice.", but in their eyes they are making a comparison to trips down the Middle Fork or the Main and it shows that they feel we settle for our trip down the Lower. I want everyone to know that we don't settle for that stretch, that it is our river of choice and we chose this stretch for many reasons. Yes, we would run the Main or the Middle if we had the opportunity. My ability to not draw a permit is legendary. Comparing everything involved in these trips and then also looking at the river its self, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best, most relaxing and enjoyable stretch for Linda and I to float. We have run enough rivers and have experienced the beauty and excitement they provide. We now float for the float, we no longer float for the thrill as much as we used to. Not to say we don't like the thrill, but we have progressed beyond that intrinsic reward, to a more all inclusive inner feeling.

I don't know exactly where all this was leading. I was thinking, looked at some pictures, made a panoramic photo out of three pictures I took and that all led me to this post. Take a look at this photo of our camp above Billy Creek. It is a beautiful spot and was a wonderful trip camp.

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