Monday, July 19, 2010

Not quite Flat Creek

We packed up the camper and headed up to the Coeur d'Alene River this last weekend. Man there are a lot of people up there! We didn't get our favorite spot above Flat Creek, but got an OK one just below that area. It was in a grass flat that had been mowed down, so there were quite a few bugs. In the day we avoided flys and in the evening we juiced up for misquotes.

On Saturday Holly, Ryan and Zane Edwards joined us. They set up a tent and got comfortable and then Ryan and I went fishing. We caught a few and returned to camp and found a great hot dinner waiting. We played some baseball with Zane, built a fire and had a great time talking. Everyone was tired early so we hit the sack as soon as the fire died down a bit.

Next morning we all slept in a bit. I made coffee and then realized that I was the only one drinking it, so by the time breakfast was over I was hyped on caffeine. Ryan and I headed up stream and fished. We got to Flat Creek and then started catching fish. It was fun and we kinda lost time. When we returned we found Holly, Zane and Linda siting in the shade of the truck. We hastily packed up and headed out.

Wonderful weekend and great company! We really enjoyed camping with the Edward's, Zane was a crack-up. We have got to do it again this summer.

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