Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mylar Balloons, Wolves, and Moose Stumps

We loaded up the old camper and headed up the Coeur d'Alene River to the Shoshone Creek turn off, and then chugged up to our favorite spot by Rampike Creek. The weather was a bit hit and miss but we have been trying to get away for about four weeks now.

Over the weekend we noticed that there was very little traffic on the roads. Most camps were open, so I guess the rain has done the job there. We took our bikes and did a bunch of riding each day. Kobi is a real good bike dog. We were able to control him most of the time.

When Kobi is in his fun chase mode he can get a bot out of control some times. It's not bothersome to most people, but can get Linda and I a little tense when he takes off and runs, and then does not come back when we call him. It doesn't happen that often, but when it does it is usually brought on by other animals; dogs, cats, or things that move.

Like I said the rain came off and on over the weekend but it didn't stop our daily camp duties. We built fires each day and actually were able to keep them going in between showers. As we sat, warming by the fire I noticed a bright spot in the trees across the road and up toward the top of the ridge. At first I thought it was a bird and the white area was it's head. So we got out the binoculars and tried to get a better look. It wasn't a bird, we knew that for sure, but it really looked like a mylar balloon stuck in the tree. We looked and talked about it for the longest time. It could be a hole in the tree branches that reach through to the sky over the ridge, but it was really far down on the ridge and that really didn't fit the perspective. Mylar balloons were our best answer, but we could not prove that for a fact so that is where we left it.

Linda worked out each day and took Kobi with here when ever possible. On Sunday she ran down river without the dog. On the return leg of her run she was running past one of the big camps down river when she saw what she though was a wolf running across the road in front of her. Now she will admit that it could have been a coyote, but it looked much bigger then the coyotes she has seen in the past. It gave her quite a scare and made her nervous the rest of the way back to camp. There are wolves up in this area, people have been seeing them for the past several years. We are sticking to this story, it may be a little weak due to it being early morning and only Linda seeing the critter, it makes a better story in my book.

On the way home from our weekend, we were driving along the main tributary of the Coeur d'Alene River. The speed limit is 50 mph but because of the road conditions and the big camper I always drive slower. As we came around a corner, I spotted a moose in the backwater of the river. His head was down and it looked like he was feeding. As we got closer, the moose changed into a tree stump. Wow magic! Well I guess it may have been my eyes and the fact that I was driving. At least Linda's wolf was confirmed to be either a wolf or coyote.

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