Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pinder Anyone?

Our little beach house.

With the rain, lightning and thunder out side I thought this would be a good time to show you the house where we are staying and explain a bit about the town of Spanish Wells. 

Spanish Wells is approximately two miles long and a half of a mile wide. The community of Spanish Wells is extended by a bridge that links it to neighboring Russell Island, which is just over three miles long and has become an inte2010-06-30gral part of the community. We took the golf cart to that island yesterday but didn’t explore much due to a low tank of gas.

Part of the everyday life of this island is centered around driving the main road that circles the island.  People drive around and talk to friends and basically keep up on the gossip. The island family is real tight and almost everyone is related.  We laugh a lot about the fact that when women are married on this island they seldom have to changeIMG_0657 their last names.  The Pinder family is a great example.  From the photo above you can see the local Pinder dynasty in action.  I took a picture of the phone book and you will notice something about the two pages  They are all Pinders, in fact six other pages of Pinders follow the ones I captured.

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