Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Three Days

" Fly rods...check, swim fins...check, camera...check, Hula Hoop...check."

The list is growing for both trips and it is getting a bit confusing. Within the next few days we start the season of adventures. As it has worked out we will be leaving on one trip right after the other until about the end of July. It is sort of driving us nuts with all the preparations and sorting.

The way it is working out is we will travel to Spanish Wells in the Bahamas for our 25th anniversary bonefish vacation. When we return we have about a four day turnaround and we will leave on a raft trip down the Lower Salmon River which Linda and I are putting together.

This trip was conceived down in Mexico when we were talking to all our neighbors in Malaque. We are setting the entire trip up and it has taken a great deal of planning. After we return from that trip we have a camping trip scheduled with our friends the Edwards. This will be a weekend adventure and should not take much planning. I do however have to put the camper back on the truck during the days between our two trips. Finally, we will be back on the water for the NIC Staff River Trip at the end of the month.

With all these adventure coming up we have had to find a student to stay in our house and take care of Kobi while we are gone. This always means several training sessions to show whom ever is the chosen one all the ins and outs of Kobi management. Linda has met once already and has presented them with the Book of Kobi. Having an entire campus of students, who are hungry to get out of their living areas and stay in a house for a break, is a wonderful asset. My job has some very different benefits and this is definitely a good one.

So we have gathered our traveling gear, our rafting gear, and anything else we can think of and buried out guest bedroom bed in preparation of these adventures. Stay tuned, I'll be keeping the blog up to day as much as possible.

"Linda! Have you seen my snorkel?"

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