Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here are some shots of our trip to Harbor Island yesterday.  We took the fast ferry and spent the day running around in a rented golf cart. The fast ferry travels between islands and it moves very quickly. It is amazing how close it comes to coral and to the shore line. It is IMG_0754something just to ride on the top deck and see everything rush by. The water the boat speeds through is called the Devils Backbone and the boat captain has to really know what he is doing.
We docked in Briland, as the locals call it, Harbor Island to all us tourists.  We walked off the boat and a young man offered us a golf cart, it was $40 for the day so we took it.  He quickly showed us how it worked and handed us the key, said “boat leaves at 3:20 pm, be here or your stayingIMG_0746 the night. Leave the keys in it, have fun.” and we were off.  No contract, no names, no info on what to do if something happens, that’s it.
We drove to the pink sand beach across the island and then moved back inland to find Ma Ruby’s for lunch. Ma greeted us at the door and led us to a table. We were the only folks there so she chatted with us and was very IMG_0747entertaining.   She told the tail of Jimmy Buffet and how he stopped by regularly when he was in the area.  Of course she claims to serve the hamburger that inspired Jimmy. “he walks right over ta dat chair at dat bar and writes a song abouts da burger.” She lays claim to Cheeseburger In Paradise. I think most places do around here. 
Linda had a chicken burger and we all had Cheeseburgers In Paradise for lunch, it was a great meal but not quite Buffet quality I believe.
IMG_0748We spent the next few hours driving about Harbor Island. We found a small shop and bought some souvenirs. The people in this town were very friendly and eager to find out where we were from.  When we bought my shirt a young lady explained why the town is called IMG_0752 Briland or BRI for short.  Here is what she said “The melodious dialect, of the Harbor Island people, involves dropping the “H’s” of those words that begin with this letter, and replacing them in front of words that begin with vowels. Example: We’s _ave happles and hornges in the _arbor.  Therefore, in time the Har/briland has become briland (say Harbor Island fast three times and see what you get.) The people from this place are known as Brilanders.” IMG_0734That should clear it up for you.  The dialect is so think it is hard to believe that it is English.
Once the short shopping was done we headed for the dock and caught the fast ferry back home. Don and I caught the incoming tide, but caught no fish.

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