Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bonefish Report - Getting Better!

For Alex, Jacob, Tom and Tyler:

The wind has been up and is not conducive to the bones tailing or mudding like they usually do. The past three days we have fished hard on the incoming tide and really not seen anything. Maybe a couple fish mudding and a couple tailing but nothing to get clean shots at.

I spend a lot of time practicing my wind casting and have gotten pretty good at it.  I am IMG_0754ready!

This morning we hit the flats and they were in! They tailed for about one hour and then settled down and moved off.

I was able to cast to three strong groups. On my first cast I placed the fly perfectly. I was using a small green body weed less crab and gave one good strip after it settled. The bone hit hard and started to run.  I set and then lifted the tip and he was off to the races.  I felt four good surges and I was into my backing.  One more surge followed by a big one and then nothing.  The line went limp and my big guy was gone.  I pulled in the line and looked at the leader.  It had busted clean.  Probably at the knot. Bummer, but it gives me hope. 

I retied and was able to throw to a couple more tailing groups.  Nothing happened. The tailing stopped and the fish moved off.  We spotted a barracuda chasing and think the bones moved off because of that.

Tomorrow we will be in position at about 6:30 am and if the wind is down we should see more.  I was a bit upset, but everything I did was done correctly.  I didn’t panic, I made the cast, set the hook low and let him run with out any screw ups.  Just not my time!  I was pleased that it was one cast one set and a big run into the backing.

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