Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day at Hill's Resort

As we drove home on Monday, I asked Linda how many times we had gotten together on the President’s Day weekend. She couldn’t answer me. It all started way back when at the Western Pleasures Guest Ranch; four couples, two cabins and a lot of food and drink. That was well over fifteen years ago. Some of the faces have changed; I think Linda and I are the only originals. Rob and Julia Caldwell would have been in this group also, but Rob didn’t join us this year. The original participants that returned this year were, Julia Caldwell, Raina Weyen, Linda and I. Over the years we have added Riana’s husband Dean, Bridget Hill and Dennis Schotzko, which rounded out the group for this year’s stay.

The events for this year were way different from our last Hills Resort adventure. The weather was totally opposite the weather last year. Just check out the blog post from that trip and you will see about three feet of snow on the ground, bright sunny skies and a bunch of folks snowshoeing. This year there was no snow and lots of rain. We did have a few hours of blue sky on Saturday afternoon when we arrived, but that was short lived.

This gathering was a food fest like all the rest of the times we have met. As noted events go, everything took place indoors beside the crackling fire. The first evening was filled with catching up. We found out that we were in the presents of the Kendrick Women’s Garden Club President. Raina had clawed her way to the top of that highly competitive club. Gaining that new social status had opened many doors among Kendrick’s blue bloods and Raina taken advantage of this to its fullest. She went on telling stories of High Teas and even explained all the nuances involved in how to make the proper cup of tea. We learned that all tea comes from the same plant. I was plum befuddled to think that it would take a huge plant to produce all the tea in the world. Imagine how back woods I felt when Raina said “not a single plant, a single species”; I had to go look up species before it was completely clear.

Later after walks and drinks Bridget broke out the guitar and the four beauties sang our favorite songs as we snacked and rested. I made a video that I placed on YouTube, I highly recommend you follow that link and enjoy their sweet sounds.

On Sunday night we played several hundred rounds of a game called Buzz Word. My take on the game was that you have this contraption that gives you a word or set of words, and you have to tell a story that explains the word without using the word so that others can figure out the given word from your story. I felt that the more details in your story the better chance that my team would get the correct word. It worked great; I felt that my team won the most rounds.

It was a great fun filled weekend and we really enjoyed seeing everyone. Next year I hope to be able to bring a Karaoke machine up so that we can get some video to black mail the ladies with. It is always nice to have something to hold over on them when you want to go fishing.