Monday, January 04, 2010

Sailing with Rebbeca, Dave and Sam

We went sailing on Liberta’ today, which turned out to be a magnificent adventure for a couple if Idaho landlubbers. We left the house and walked to the bus. This was the second day in a row that we were within a block of the stop when the bus arrived and proceeded to leave. We have had this happen so often that we know that it is fruitless to chase after it. Every block or two it stops just long enough to pick someone up, but not long enough for us to catch up. So you end up playing cat and mouse all the way to the highway. It is best to sit in the shade and wait till the next one chugs by.

In Barra our first order of business was to find Linda a bano so we proceeded to the malecon where we knew, for five pesos, she would find a semi clean depository. I stayed on the street and Linda proceeded to the little buildings. They were locked of course! This was the first time we had seen them locked in all the many times we had walked past them. She looked around and spotted a polica in a hut at the entry to the malecon area. Using her best Spanish she asked if there was another bano somewhere because this one was closed. He stood up, shifts around a bit, walked out from around his desk, stood on the street, placed his hands on his hips, hitched up his pollica belt, looked up the street, looked down the street, took off his sun glasses, and said in Spanish “I don’t know where another bano is, this one is closed!” Linda smiled and thought “no duh Horatio!” she smiled, thanked him and proceeded to a nearby restaurant and used their bano.

We grabbed a water taxi and motored our to the Liberta’s anchorage. Dave and Rebecca were waiting and we were welcomed on board. We sat and talked while Dave readied the boat. As we sat there the local French Baker radioed that he was in the moorage area and was letting everyone know that he had fresh pastries and that we should wave if we wanted him to stop. We signaled him over and he brought his boat astern. What a cut little French man; those were Linda’s words, not mine. He explained what each little delight was, in his cute little Monty Python French accent. Then he chatted with Dave about business, accepted our pesos for a few very good items and motored off.

After finishing our breakfast delicacies, we hauled our anchor and using the diesel engine motored out of the lagoon, through the channel to the bay where we set our sails and caught some very light breezes.

We sailed north out of the bay and cruised the coast to the bay that hosts the small town of Cuastecomate. When we entered the harbor area, we were immediately greeted by two small boats. The cruiser network is very friendly and they really help each other along their travels. The welcome party had come out to greet us and make sure that Captain Dave knew about the hidden reef that resides on one side of the bay. We chatted a bit and then headed back out to catch some of the winds that were building off shore.

We sailed a while and then headed back to Barra. Dave wanted to buy some diesel and fill Liberta’s water tanks with fresh water so we docked at the marina near the Grand Bay.

The Maximus II was docked and taking on fuel when we pulled up to the dock. The luxury motor yacht MAXUMUS II is a 105' 2005 Horizon charter yacht and is probably as big as our house and way more expensive. The captain was fueling the behemoth using both fuel hoses but graciously allowed Dave to cut in and grab his two jugs full. Dave struck up a conversation and the two chatted in charter captain jargon while the process continued. I have notice that Dave and Rebecca are at ease carrying on conversations with people they meet, in fact Dave said several times that the local knowledge you gather is priceless.

While Dave fueled and conversed, Rebecca started the process of getting fresh water for the boat. She handed me the hose and I took it to the dock and connected it to the fresh water spigot. Sam jumped on to the dock and proceeded to help me with my assigned duty. The rest of the account gets a bit hazy, but I will try to retell it the best I can.

I had secured a comfortable position sitting on the dock locker where the fresh water stemmed from. In the hot sun, Sam and I waited for the signal to stop the water flow when the tanks were topped off. Suddenly, from the forward flybridge of the Maximus II, I heard the voice of a woman say “Ohhhh, a puppy”. On the spiral staircase leading down from the flybridge I spotted a beautiful young woman gliding down to the aft deck. Her hair was long and dark black, her skin golden brown. The white bikini she wore adorned her well proportioned body.

She paused on the aft platform a few feet away from me and said, “Do you think I can jump to the dock from here?” Using my best Travis McGee savwafair and dry humor I replied, “Well, it’s not the jump you have to worry about, it’s the landing.” She smiled, worked up her nerve and leaped over the three foot gap. As she made her mover, Sam also made a move. Samantha walked about seven feet away from me and positioned herself so that our new friend could squat down and scratch her ears. I do not know if Sam’s relocating to her new position was on purpose, but it sure turned out to be a surprisingly lucky gift for me. When our little beauty, turned and lowered herself to pet Sam, she exposed the most amazing thong bikini bottom directly towards my location! Less than five feet from my very position was a soft full moon, drawing my complete attention.

She scratched Sam, and Sam gave a little growl. She then turned to me and asked if Sam would bite. I explained the Sam will sometimes growl, but always wants more attention. She stooped again. This time as she petted Sam, my eyes broke away to see Linda and Rebecca laughing as they caught me in mid drool.

Once the maiden had tired of both Sam and me, she leapt back onto the Maximus II and despaired. Sam needed to go ashore and pee, I need a cigarette, and Linda knew that this had made my entire day.

Once the fueling was complete, the water tanks were topped, and I had regained my composure, we motored back to the lagoon and the Kilmers set anchor. We loaded into the dingy and wound our way back to the taxi dock where we disembarked. Dave motored to the Sands motel where they locked up the dingy and then we met and went for a nice dinner in Barra.

Relaxed and fed with cool drinks in our hands we recapped the day and laughed about the many happenings. I found out that Dave was so engrossed in his charter captain chit chat that he failed to see the whole maiden of the Maximus II incident. I retold it several times, each time she became more beautiful and voluptuous. We finished our meal and walked to the bus stop.

We had a very good time on the Liberta’ and expressed our thanks over and over. It was Linda’s first sailing experience and turned out to be a very positive one. We waved good bye and our bus lumbered on back to Melaque.


Owl X said...

The Maximums II is only $47,000 a week to charter. If it comes with the beauty queen, I'd say it's a steal.

The Edwards Family said...

You're good at taking pictures but it seems you missed a photo opputunity with your new friend.

TheBeanTeam said...

I don't think he missed anything Edwards Family. Didn't you see the photo of the "Bunny".

We all know Deano has a vivid imagination.;-)