Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Hunt Is Over!

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Dean 1 - Camper Mouse 0

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Olympic Du

Linda and Shawna went out for a little horseback ride, so I mowed the lawn. Actually I started to harvest the crop of grass that is around the ranch. It is about six times the amount of lawn we have at our little place in Post Falls. You start by weed whacking the waist high grass around the irrigation stream that runs through the ranch. Then I started mowing the east forty, followed by the north thirty and then the south fifteen. One full pass fills the catch bag and then you have to march fifty yards to the dump grounds. After about two hours, Shawna finally gave me a wheel barrow so I could cut my dump marches so I was dumping four grass bags before I had to march the fifty yards.

Once we got the harvest complete we had to irrigate, so we tossed big rocks in the irrigation stream, which blocked it enough to redirect some current into the ditch that runs along the front yard. I thought the ditch was there to trip intruders up; Kobi kept tripping in the thing when we first arrived, once he landed face first. Really thought dogs were more coordinated. When that ditch fills the water flows into the yard and the road. Shawna called it flood watering, I called it a place for Kobi to get covered with water, grass and mud.

Over All

101. Linda Bennett 0 F 2:39:08 1 1:27:20 63 2:45 1:09:02 155 Post Falls, ID
1. Heather Leach 2056 51 F 2:19:58 Seattle, WA
2. Linda Bennett 0 F 2:39:08 Post Falls, ID
2. Georgene Richardson 2076 51 F 3:15:12 Medford, OR
3. Kathy Ploger 2053 54 F 3:23:19 Lincoln City, OR

Friday, June 26, 2009

Something About Cowgirls

Adventure Weekend

The high desert region of Oregon is very interesting. We have been scampering back and forth between Shawna’s ranch, located on the Johnson Ranch Road outside of Bend Oregon, and Sun River, Oregon. That distance takes about an hour to cover; we’re getting real good at it. Sun River is the site of the Pacific Crest Adventure Weekend. Linda is competing in the Olympic Duathlon on Sunday. Don’t ask me what that is, I am just the driver.

Shawna’s ranch is a great place; we have power, water and our very own mouse. The little feller left us some signs yesterday and since then we have traveled north to Redmond Oregon, where we purchased a couple surprises for the little booger.

Kobi really likes the ranch, there is an irrigation ditch running right next to the camper that he goes into about every fifteen minutes. It has all the things a good Golden requires; water, mud, and a bit of gucky stink to give him that “dude ranch dog” smell. Every afternoon we have tossed the ball for him and he chases it until we eat dinner. Kobie is relentless.

I will give you a brief rundown on what we have done so far. We arrived about 2 PM on Wednesday and waited for Shawna to get home from work. To while away the time after we got our camper set, we tossed the ball for the dog. Shawna arrived and we cooked dinner and talked. Then we went to bed.

Thursday we got up and drove down to Sun River to figure out where Linda needed to be. Average drive time down and back, two hours. We figured out the lay of the land and drove some of the bike course. We returned and waited for Shawna to get off work, tossed the ball and then are dinner. After dinner we drove to Redmond to get the mouse presents.

Friday we got up and Linda and I drove down to Sun River. This time we picked up the race packet and drove home. During the times when we have been in Sun River Shawna has been dealing with her horse, Duck Man. Duck has an injured eye and it has become quite an expensive and frustrating ordeal for Shawna. We hope she can get things taken care of soon, so she can relax.

This afternoon’s plans are as follows, in no particular order. The girls are going horseback riding, we are planting some flowers Shawna needs planted, we will walk the dog, and hopefully I will be able to place a dead body of a little mouse to rest in the garden.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Post Falls Duathlon

16 1/2 Mile Camp Cd'A River

16 ½ Mile Camp has always been one of our favorite camp sites on the Coeur d’Alene River, our stay this weekend proved once again why we like it. The site is set back off the road where the river bends and flows along the base of the mountains. The clear cold water sweeps along a rock face and then down creating a deep pool where a creek pours off the rocks meeting the river. We step out of our camper and look directly at the steep mountain face the river running directly below.

This trip to add to the beauty, we got real close to nature. On the drive up we spotted a moose in one of the backwaters created by the high water. This spotting foreshadowed the weekend’s nature encounters. Our first sighting was about a half mile up river from our camp. In the field next to the road I spotted an elk standing broad side and took the picture posted. About a hundred yards further on was a moose standing in the slack water by the road. I told Linda about the game I spotted, and so we set out each evening and most mornings to look for more critters.

On Friday, Linda spotted the moose when she was running and that evening when we went walking we spotted it again. On that walk we spotted ten elk and the moose along with the biggest beaver we have ever seen. Most of these animals were close and seemed to not be too spooked by our presence.

Back at the camper that evening we were eating dinner and heard Kobi growl. He didn’t bark, just a low throaty growl. We looked out of the camper and there was a moose walking along the river on the shore about ten yards away. It wasn’t in a hurry, it just sauntered by. I grabbed my camera and we walked up to the road and up to the clearing where I took some photos as the moose strolled by.

We went to bed and in the morning we got up and were eating breakfast. Once again Kobi was growling. We stepped out of the camper and there was another moose walking across the river on the far bank. It walked down a few yards, stopped and nibbled on a bush and then crossed the river and walked into our camp. We had Kobi settled down and I grabbed the camera. I was able to get the camera, but it was low on batteries and I was only able to get several shots. The moose wandered into the thicket and it continued to eat. Kobi settled down and we went back to eat our breakfast.

The rest of our time up on the river was a mixture of Jeep trips, fly fishing, mosquitoes, great meals and cribbage. We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed everything we did. On the way home, about a mile from our house, a coyote walked across the road in front of us. He was in no hurry. We counted up the game we spotted; ten elk, four moose, a beaver, one rabbit, a couple whitetail deer and an unconcerned coyote.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Can you tell me where the dog is?

We couldn't find Kobie in the house and so Linda looked out in the back yard. Kobi was just laying in the pool. Usually he has a bone and is pawing at the water, but this time he was content to just lay there. Cute wouldn't you say.