Monday, May 15, 2017

Wow, the Weather

The body.
Gray skies, filled with dark clouds have been the norm around here. It rains and then the sun comes out for a second. Then it hails and follows up with a good rain.

With all this happening, I have been able to get all the camper repair jobs complete. I resealed the silicone around the sink in the kitchen yesterday. I replaced a couple broken light fixtures and we put a battery shut off switch in the main battery compartment. The camper is all set to go and all we have to do is find a break in the weather during a time when we don't have appointments scheduled. I believe our final appointment was last week.
The legs look really good!

To while away the hours of rain, I have started tying flies again. It has been a bit hard to get back into trying shape, my fingers are still stubby and clumsy, my eye site has gotten way worse. Those tiny flys will just have to take a back seat to the big #2's.

I took a few photos of my last fly. It is a strike indicator fly and you use it when you are nymph fishing. We have discovered that if there is no hatch coming off the water and you go to a nymph, fish will sometimes strike at the indicator. This fly acts as the strike indicator but it also has a hook in it that can catch a fish if it strikes. Gives me a better chance of catching something.

Head tied back, legs cut.

I just looked outside and it is raining again. I better close.
Wing/indicator added.
Finish fly next to the pattern.

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