Monday, April 03, 2017

Early Spring Fishing

(left to right) Tom, Mark, and Tyler.
Tom, Mark and Tyler kidnaped me and we drove over to St. Regis, Montana and fished the Clarkfork River. The day was a (fill in the blank). That means you could choose any weather pattern to finish that sentence.  We had rain, snow, wind, sun, clouds, hail, and a bit of warm.  Every spring condition except hot!

The river was high and fast, but it was clear enough to give the fish a chance to see our flys. We tossed weighted bugs and nymphs most of the day. Tyler was able to catch a few with a wet hackle pattern, but mostly we used Yuck Bugs and droppers.

22" Brown! Nice fish and I think I was smiling.
Right off the ramp, I caught a 22 inch German Brown. Nice fish!

At the end of the day, we considered it a real good day of fishing.  We all caught fish. Each of us hit at least four fish with both strikes and hookups.

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