Saturday, December 24, 2016


Chris and his Toro.
Barry, Chris and I went out fishing yesterday and did well.  Gerardo Kosonoy, our fishing captain, loaded us on his panga and we were on the water by 7:15 AM.  We ran northwest to the point and we caught two toros. Toros are big strong fish that we don't keep. Their meat is real tough and red.

Chris hooked up on the first one and then Barry pulled in the second.  Within a few minutes I hooked a dorado and brought it to the boat.  That gave us one eater and two non-eaters.  We pulled around that area for a while and then Gerardo asked if we wanted to hunt for shore fish or look for tuna. We voted for tuna.
My Dorado.

Gerardo pointed the boat out and we ran about six miles off shore and to the south. Eventually, we started seeing schools of dolphins and multitudes of birds. Gerardo changed out the lures to smaller squid lures and we immediately had a double strike.  Chris and Barry pulled in two tuna.

We followed the bird flocks and when they dove we would swoop in, pulling our lure through the mass of diving birds. Two more tuna were caught. Chasing the bird flocks was fun, but our time ran out and we headed back to Barra with our catch.  It was a great day and we caught fish. That's what it is all about!

Gerardo. This photo is for Caroline.
Our catch, two Toro, four Tuna and one Dorado.

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