Friday, May 20, 2016

Changing Weather

Linda checked the weather every time we drove up to Cell Phone Point and the weekend wasn't looking so good.  I posted on this blog when we made the three-mile climb. Kobi played with his toys and enjoyed being able to poop and pee whenever he wanted. That was how the final days went up on the Joe.

Thursday was chilly and mostly cloudy, but we got lucky and it didn't rain. We played around the campground. I drove down to Calder and saw the weekend events posted in a store window. The Joe was going to be the site of jet boat races. This would make going home much easier because things will get crowded during the event.

After the Calder stop, I drove to Marble Creek and looked for firewood. I lucked onto a bunch of cut wood left in a camp, so we were able to have a fire all evening. Back at camp, I made pizza for dinner while Linda tossed the rings for Kobi. This went on until dark and then we went to bed.

Camper pizza.
Friday we packed up and drove home. There was a lot of traffic on the river road due to the boat races. Happy to be out of the mess, but sad to be leaving our camp. We're making plans for next week. Nice to be able to get out when the crowds are working. By the time we got back home, the clouds were filling the sky and it was looking a lot like rain.
"Toss the ring, Mom!"

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