Monday, January 18, 2016

Back to the Banana Plantation

Geo and Hal on the ride into the plantation.
After eating a great little breakfast at The Red Lobster, 26 of us loaded into trucks, cars and vans for a 15 minute drive out to the banana plantation and the cool waters of its irrigation pools. The trip has turned into a much-anticipated annual event.

Once at our destination we spent our time hiking up the river, playing games, singing and swimming in the pools. Drinks included beer, pop, water, pina coladas, and the occasional shot of tequila.

The lovely Linda with the pool in the background.
Mid afternoon arrived and we were presented with a wonderful BBQ rib dinner or a fish plate all served with salad, baked potato, and bread. Everyone ate their fill! Linda, as you know, doesn't care for fish and prefers not to eat red meat, so they made her and Barry (he's a vegetarian) a lovely plate of  quesadillas, rice, beans, and salad. She was very happy.

We continued our relaxation and games after our meal for a little while longer and then we began gathering items and getting ready to head back. Larry took us home. We managed a couple of games of cribbage, some conversation with neighbors, a shower, and some popcorn before we fell into bed. We were exhausted. This retirement stuff is hard work.
Jill, Linda and Dennis enjoying the sun and water.
Looking down the corridor of pools.
Dennis relaxing at the pool entry.

Pool boobs!

The music makers; Ted, Ted and Geo.

Ted sings another Saskatchewan favorite.
Frog in the. pool
River walk, moving up the river bed.

One of the pups that hiked up river with us.

Cards kept us entertained.

This time lapse of the pool didn't turn out as planned. It was too far away and then only a few went into the pool during the hour I shot it. Oh well, live and learn.

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