Friday, December 11, 2015

Getting Rolling

Jenna and Dustin made their way back to the states. We really enjoyed them during their short visit. Those youngsters travel so much differently than we do.  The night before they left, Dustin was on the internet figuring out which bus would be best to get them on a standby flight back stateside. One bus would leave at 2:00 AM and arrive in Guadalajara in the early morning where they would hope to catch a flight out. The other bus left Melaque a 9:30 AM and would travel up the coast to Puerto Vallarta where they would try for a standby flight there. Both options would give them a better chance at securing a flight because there are so many more planes departing those airports. Manzanillo International only has a couple flights per day on carriers that would allow them to fly standby. The decision was made to take the bus to Puerto Vallarta and fly standby from there. All went well and they were home by 2:00 AM the next morning.

I could not travel in such a carefree style. They get their flights free, which would be great, but man I need to know when my flight leaves and where my connections will be made. I'm too old to leave my travel fate at the gate!

We are in the process of getting into a normal routine. The weather is still hot, but we have been able to get good rest. The process of finding something to do each day is easy, we just have to figure out a schedule to do it in.
Before Patricia
Beth, John, Linda and myself walked into Barra de Navidad yesterday morning.  We had a little breakfast and then explored the downtown checking to see if there was much apparent hurricane damage.  Much like Melaque the place has been cleaned up nicely. You can see signs of damage, but for the most part, they have taken care of the worst of it.
After Patricia

The noticeable damage took place on the Malecon where huge chunks of the walkway were washed away. The mermaid statue is gone. We have heard that it is being repaired and someday may return to overlook the bay.

The photos are from our walk. I added some comparison shots next to some of them showing a before and after view.

Our walk into town last night made us laugh. It was like we were playing a huge game of Melaque Frogger. Melaque Frogger is set on a city map and our goal is to make it from point A to our Casa without getting hit by anything.  Playing the game, you must avoid being struck by the usual cars, trucks, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians. All the while there is a deadly mosquito spray truck circling randomly around spraying bug death everywhere. While you avoid all these pitfalls, there is a procession of people, dancers, floats, and bands also trying to keep you from arriving home safely. Accompanying all this is the usual loud music, street vendor shouts and large fireworks explosions creating a very confusing backdrop of sound. Needless to say, we made it home, without inhaling too much bug spray.


Before the hurricane.

After the hurricane.

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