Monday, December 07, 2015

First Visitors

Dustin hates crocodiles, so where do we go first?
It took them two extra days to finally arrive at Casa Rosa, but Jenna and Dustin Burtis finally made it! Why such a long journey you ask? Both Jenna and Dustin work for United Airlines, and to make the trip a bit less expensive they flew standby at no cost.  Their problem came when they got to Mexico City and just missed their flight out to Manzanillo.  The hold up was a domino effect that caused their predicament. The airport in Mexico City is tough to maneuver through at best, signage is poor, location of gates are confusing, and then you add the Spanish language factor into the equation and the results are usually disastrous. It took them three tries to connect to Manzanillo, but they finally arrived on Saturday morning.

Once they arrived we helped them settle in and they started their vacation.

Crocodiles of La Manzanillo.
Since their arrival, we have gone out to eat several times and let them catch up on much-needed sleep that they lost on the journey down.

Sunday we woke up and took the bus to La Manzanilla where we spent the morning.  We sat at Pedro's and enjoyed the views while eating and getting caught up on each others' lives.

We returned home about 2:30 PM, hit the pool and then Justin and Jenna got to watch their first real Melaque sunset.  Included in the sunset were visits from some dolphins, fish jumping and their first exposure to the big waves that hit the shores of this quiet little town.

John and Beth joined us for dinner and afterward, we all walked the Zocalo in search of churros.

Up close and personal.
Filled with food and drink, we returned home and watched the Seahawks game that Dustin had DVRed. The win was a great end to a wonderful day with these friends.

First real sunset on the beach in from of Casa Rosa.

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