Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lower Salmon Fishing not Catching

On Monday, we drove down to the Lower Salmon at Pine Bar.  We listened to a book on CD the entire way down and back, what an intense story. The book was Soft Target by Stephen Hunter. I recommend it, but the book on CD is a great listen.

Our plan was to get a campsite and then stay a few days so that I could fish for Steelhead.  Mark Harris, and Tom and Sarah Husby arrived about the same time and we set up camp.  Shortly after that I took Tom's drift boat over to a favorite spot and Tom and Mark started spay rodding down the river.
We fished about five hours, catching nothing. During this time Linda, Kobi, Sarah and her dog Sal went for some walks and sat around camp and read.

We ate dinner and sat around the campfire and then turned in to get some needed rest.

Next morning I was back in my spot in the drift boat, Tom and Mark fished the beach run and then at noon returned to camp.  After lunch, the three of us took the drifter down river in hopes of fish.  We went down to American Bar but caught nothing.

That evening we had a great dinner and tried to stay up past 8:30 PM.  It didn't work.

We fished Wednesday morning and then broke down camp.  No fish for the two days of fishing. I guess the steelhead weren't running or we just had the wrong stuff on.

We drove back listening to the CD, and didn't finish it! Now we have to take some time and finish it up.  We only have one CD of the seven CD set left.  Wow, I can't wait!

Upon edit, we listened to the end of the book. It was great! Also, the fish checker down on the river counted no fish for the days we were fishing. I guess no one was lucky.

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