Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lochsa With The Interns

The best shuttle drivers in the world.
Linda, Kobi and I loaded up and drove down through Lewiston and then headed up the Clearwater River to the Lochsa. We were invited up to camp with the NIC Outdoor Program on their whitewater team building training trip. Arriving a day early, we enjoyed a nice day of exploring, reading and enjoying the sun.

On Tuesday, the NIC crew arrived and we all moved out so that the interns could hit the water with the Jon and Jacob. The sun was out and the water was at a good level. I so wanted to go with them, but my Lochsa days are probably past.

The first days run was clean with no problems. What a beautiful place to ride the water!

River running is hot work!
Back at camp we played bocci ball and ate a great meal. We reminisced about past trips and adventures, or should I say misadventures. Jon Totten told the story of the flaming banana, the time we set a raft on fire. Everyone loves that yarn.

The next day the boaters ran a longer stretch of the river. Jess, Linda and I watched and took pictures when we could. Both boats flipped in Lochsa Falls and I got some good shots of the event.  The yellow boat also flipped in a rapid called Termination, but we were down the river a ways and didn't get any photos.

The sun was out every day and we really enjoyed our visit with the folks.  On Thursday, we drove home through Montana.  Such a nice way to spend mid-week. Our plans are to stick around the house for the big weekend.  Let everyone else enjoy the outdoors with each other.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

What I Have Been Up To

Caught this 5.48 lbs. smallmouth bass out of Lake Coeur d'Alene today. I have been going out every other day and fishing for bass and pike.  I caught it on a deep diving Rapala and I hooked it deep. I prefer to release all that I catch but this one would have probably not made it.