Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Our days have been spent reading the posts on the internet and talking to the locals. One fellow said that he had been here forty years and had never seen it rain this much in March, let alone in 24 hour period. We read that a person left an empty bucket out in the rain and that it filled it with over six inches of water. That is a lot of rain.

During the worst of the rain Linda and I had to ride our bikes into town to pick up some items from the pharmacy. On the main street of Melaque the water was running from curb to curb at a depth of about ten inches. If we had a kayak we probably would have been able to move faster.

We hunkered down most of the day but were able to get out during the evening to eat. The weather broke, giving us a chance to move about.  This morning Linda went for her run and got caught in another down pour. We are hoping to have the weather break this afternoon. We will pack, clean house and leave for Cabo area tomorrow. I will be glad to get on the road finally.

Below is a video of the rain.  I took it during the day; keep in mind that it rained like this for hours. The pools filled up and over flowed and the streets ran like rivers.  The lagoon behind Casa Grande filled up and late yesterday the beach dam broke empting the water into the ocean.

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