Friday, January 02, 2015

Missing Our Kobi

Kobi is visiting Linda's sister and her family while we are in Mexico and we miss him a bunch.  It was one of the hardest decisions we had to make when we decided to travel down for this extended amount of time.  The house was easy, Fatima lives with her mother and sister and has always been there to look after the place, it gives her a hide out where she can bake cookies and eat pizza.  Fatima would have probably watched after Kobi at home, but we couldn't ask someone to commit that much time and we had the offer from our family in Eugene.

At the Thanksgiving gathering of Linda's family we packed Kobi's things and when the visit was over loaded him into the van and said our good-byes.  Probably one of the hardest things we have ever done with him.  We shed tears and moped around the place several days. Finally we were off on our adventure and Kobi was settled in at his new temporary home in Eugene.

About every three or four days we get an update and maybe some pictures from Diane and Al Dee. We have Skyped and visited, enjoying the antics Kobi always provides.  He is happy and that makes us feel better to know he is safe.  Here are a few photos that Al Dee has sent us, I hope you enjoy them.
Kobi's selfie.
Kenyon and Kobi.
Watching the neighbor's cat.
Break time together.
Alayna and Kobi with his ball.
Kobi seems very relaxed.
Sleep over.  (Linda's favorite.)

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