Wednesday, October 22, 2014

San Miguel - Another Day

Red-lored Amazon
Today we took some advice from Leigh, a friend from Melaque, and walked to Another Face of Mexico Mask Museum and spent some time looking through this wonderful collection. I highly recommend that if you visit this town you take at least two hours and visit.  We found the bed and breakfast run by the owner/collectors of the masks.  The website says that you should have reservations to view the museum, but in our typical form we knocked on the door and they let us in. 

Shopping for fruit and vegetables at a market.
One thing we do often and well, look at our map.
Parallel parked donkeys.
My favorite model.
We went to the mask museum and their bed and breakfast.

Day of the Dead is coming!
Door knockers!
Beautiful Señorita resting at the curb.
Panorama of San Miguel.

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