Monday, February 03, 2014

Mexico Can Be A Bit Confusing

This sign points us to the main highway.
This year when we arrived in Melaque I noticed that they had installed tsunami evacuation route signs through out the city.  Last year there had been several off shore earthquakes and I guess this was their way of improving the safety of this city.

As I rode the streets on my daily travels I became interested in the signs and where they directed people to flee to escape the rising waters of the ocean in a catastrophic event.

Today I decided to follow the signs leading away from our area near the laguna.  I grabbed my bike and off I peddled. Some of the signs had arrows and some did not.  I kept going and the ones with the arrows lead me to a place where I could see a point of safety up on a hill overlooking the highway.  I stopped below the sign and took a photo and then started looking for a path up to the sign and the safety zone.  I couldn't find one.

I can honestly say that they must have bushwhacked up the back side of the hill to install the sign that showed that this was a point of safety.  My guess is that the signs get you to the rock face and then it is your job to climb to safety.

Honest I checked for a trail or something.
As I rode back to the lot, my attention went to the small arrow signs on the walls of buildings that denoted the direction that traffic was supposed to flow. One way streets are common in Mexico and it is up to you to discover which streets are one way and which direction they are going. The arrows help but are almost always hard to see or non existent.

Just after I took the first photo, I rode to the next corner and spotted a one way arrow.  As I sat there I saw three cars and a taxi go the wrong way on the one way street.  I took a photo and then rode home.

At home I grabbed a drink and sat down to think about what I had seen this morning.  Tsunami routs up cliffs and one ways that no one follows. I smiled and remembered where I was.

Street going right is one way, Straight ahead is a two way.
One way to the left, cars driving to the right. ???

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