Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Traveling Market - Tianguis

Linda shops with the many bargain hunters in the Tienges.
Every Wednesday morning early traffic fills the streets of Melaque. It's tianguis day and everyone is aware that this event will be happening.  The tianguis, or traveling market is a staple of the local small town economy. Most smaller towns, and large ones too, have a day of the week where traveling artisans and vendors flock in and set up a massive tent labyrinth where they sell all the necessities you can imagine.

The tianguis is a place to find many of the supplies that you need when you are staying long term down in Mexico.  It also acts as a place to go where everyone else is.Visitors check out the various vendors, while the local long term tourists gather and talk, sharing stories and getting re-acquainted.
Everything is under a massive tarp system.

Today the talk was all about where everyone would be watching the big football game this weekend.  The location where we watched last weeks game has put a 100 peso entry charge to watch this weeks games and everyone is up in arms. You get a beer and hamburguesa with that, but folks are not happy.  We haven't decided if we will go or not.

I am hoping Linda will let us buy one of these mirrors.
The tienges move from place to place each day.  Wednesday it is in Melaque, Thursday in Barra, Tuesday in La Manzanilla and I think Friday it is in Cihuatlán. I really enjoy walking about looking at the vendors and their goods. Everything is about the same each week, but it is a fun colorful way to spend the morning.

Luchador masks in your favorite NFL team colors.

I think this is a pirate, kind of cool. 

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