Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Got a Charge in Henderson

Woke up to ducks quacking and temperatures that a polar bear would hate.  We think we have finally dropped below the freezing zones of the north.  On the road by 8:30 AM we were able to make good time south.

The one thing I really have liked about this trip has been the sunny skies.  Every day so far we have had no wind and blue skies all day.  Traveling has been perfect in every respect.

The smog of Las Vegas!
Yes, a photo of Linda cooking!
The last two nights we have had some concerns about the batteries in the camper.  The two 6 volt batteries have been with the camper since we bought it and I have been worried about them for about six months.  Replacement has been on my to-do list and we finally decided to get a new pair in Henderson.  Linda googled up the Interstate Battery store and we drove through Las Vegas to Henderson and dropped $300 on the power supplies. The kid at the store was very nice and even though it was against the rules for him to install the batteries, he talked to me and helped me lift the big things into the truck.  It was a good break and we will be using the heck out of them for the next few nights.

Heading south we cut off 95 on to 168 and crossed the river after Laughlin where we turned north and found Katherine Landing. We plan to

 dry camp for the next three nights.  Weather and temperatures are great and we found ourselves sitting outside in T-shirts and shorts.  What a change!

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