Monday, November 11, 2013

A Few Weeks Out

In about two weeks or so Linda and I will be taking off on a bit of an adventure that we have been talking about and planning for over five years. Each year for more that fifteen years we have been flying to Mexico and staying during our Christmas holiday vacation.  We traveled many places and then finally zeroed into a favorite little town called Melaque.  We have stayed there over the past ten or so vacations and have grown to love the place.  Each time we visited and returned home we talked about our retirement and how when we retire we would take an extended vacation down to this area as the proverbial "snow birds."  We are both retired now and we are within weeks of starting this dream.

We set our plan in motion over a year ago when we talked to our friends Larry and Maggie about driving down to Melaque with them.  They have driven down to their house many times in the past and agreed that it would be a fun adventure to have us accompany them. We all committed and went our separate ways.  As the year went on Linda and I started researching and making lists of everything we might need to know and have on this 4600 mile round trip.  We set our sights on staying for four to six months away from our home. The logistics and lists grew and grew.

When we made our plan with Larry and Maggie, we were in Mexico.  This gave us a chance to secure a location to park our camper and stay for the time we were going to be away.  We put money down to rent a lot that had the amenities needed to park our rig and live for the time we were down south. This second step committed us for good and from there our plans started rolling.

About four months ago we started collecting all the items we would need to make the trip.  A large item we picked up was a 4 X 6 enclosed trailer that we have filled with all the items needed for an extended trip like this.  It is stuffed with spare tires and truck parts, chairs, screen tents, stoves, extension cords and it seems like a million other items we think we will need at our plapa in Mexico.

Today we spent and hour with the young man, who will be staying at our house while we are gone, showing him all the ins and outs of our house.  We are not charging him to live there so this is great deal for him and it will give us the security of knowing that our house is protected while we are away.

There is so much that I could tell about the preparations we have done for this adventure. Our lists are long and at this point have been checked  and checked off.  We are ready to get going, but have only a few very important things left to do.  As we finish these items up, our path will be clear for departure.

I will be posting on this blog when ever possible.  I have created a map of our projected travel route and have linked it to a tab at the top of this blog section.  It is an animated map and I hope you will enjoy it as it is built and filled with photos and points of intrest. Please note that you can control the map when you view it.

Wish us luck and keep checking back to see what is developing. 

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