Sunday, July 21, 2013

Up the Joe Past Avery

It was one of those trips where we knew that we wanted to get out and camp, but we didn't exactly know where we were heading.  The original plan was to be on the Lower Salmon River floating with some friends, but they couldn't go at the last minute so we opted to load up the camper and go exploring.  I had been up on he St. Joe fishing recently and had caught some good fish, so that area called out to me.

Turner Flats sits on the St. Joe about eight miles east or Avery.  There are 10 campsites, all but one has great shade, which proved to be a great point as the days heated up.  

Our daily schedule included reading in the shade, fishing and taking a few small hikes.  Our friends the Upchurch's joined us for two days.  They drove up in their car and set up a tent camp at our site. Hot days and cool nights were the predominant weather, the cool nights were very welcome.

One of the days we took a hike up trail 17 about 2.5 miles.  We hiked until we hit the south facing slope and were stopped by the sun.  Looking at maps this trail leads to the Three Sisters area, a group of peaks south of the river.  The trail would have taken us to the middle sister. As we hiked up the trail Darren spotted a big Yellow Jacket nest right on the trail.  We marked it because, sure as shooting, Kobi, would run back through it and all hell would break out.

Reading a Jack Reacher paperback.
Fish jumping!

Bridge to Trail 17.
Yellow Jackets on the side of the trail!

Looking up at the ridge around the Three Sisters,

Wild flowers.

Name the bird?

Two in the bush.

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