Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Our 2014 Adventure

Since we have been visiting Melaque, about fifteen years now, we have talked about what we will do when we finally have the opportunity to retire and can spend more time in this area.  We have never considered purchasing a spot in Mexico, it just didn't feel right to tie ourselves down and feel like we needed to go to that location because of the investment. Renting was the best option in our minds and we just needed to figure out how we should go about doing this.

As part of our duties this year we were determined to find a location that would provide us a home, but would not break the bank and allow us longer stays in Mexico.  Another part of our long term plan was when we purchased our camper and truck, we felt that we could possibly find a place to stay where the camper would become our home.  This would allow us to be mobile and flexible.  Our big investment was the camper and we hope that it will work as our home for extended stay adventures.

From the day we arrived in Mexico we have been searching and checking out the options available for longer term RV type parking.  We have found it to be a bit like an onion.  You find a spot, peal a bit deeper and then the next layer either leads to another layer, or stops you because you find something undesirable.  A conversation with one person might peal down to another layer which is another person who owns a hidden spot somewhere in this little area.

Our first inquisition was at the new RV spot about four blocks from the house.  It was nice, enclosed in walls, had a pool and went for $600 US per month.  Next we went to Laguna del Tule and checked out their spots.  These were $600 US per month, had views of the laguna and were highly sought after during January and February.  We met some Bennetts there and talked to them for quite a while, they were very nice and informative.

Linda posted on her Melaque bullitin board, TomZap, and got a reply about a place on the lagona. She emailed the poster and they put us in touch with the owners.  We visited and the results were very positive.  So we did some more searching and found that we probably couldn't go wrong with this spot.  We had and have only one reservation about this particular area.  The bugs!  Everyone who lives down here says the laguna has more bugs then the other areas.  We did some more digging and found that the bugs are the baddest at sunrise and sunset.  People we know that live over here say they just have to bug spray if they are going to be outside at that time.  We decided that we can work around the bugs next year. 

With this in mind we contacted the owner and gave her a deposit for the site next year January 1st to ???
We have also reserved the Pink House at #1 Reforma for the last two, possibly three weeks of December.  We are taking reservations for guests, so if you wanna check out Melaque, this might be the year to give it a try!

From the site looking at street.

The palapa looking at the lagona. To the right is the kitchen.

Rest room and kitchen to the right.

Looking along the fence toward the lagona.

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