Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Never Get Tired Of...

I know the action and adventure part of our family has been a bit slow. Since we returned from Utah Linda is head over heals into her school and I have been slipping away to practice retirement as much as I can.  Yes, you have to practice retirement, or so I have been told by about everyone of my retired friends.  Jim Headley has mentioned many times how much harder it is for him to come up with excuses not to do all the work that needs to be done around the house now that he is retired.  He says that when he was working he only had to make excuses twice a week, and now he has to be on his toes 24-7. You have to practice so that you don't make mistakes and do something around the place instead of fishing.

That has been my adventure, fishing.  With the boat moored at the lake it only takes me minutes to drive over and get out on the lake.  I have gotten real good at getting things opened and the motor chugging. Most of the time lately I have fished for Bass and Pike.  The post of the past weeks represent some of the catches.

The one thing I always try to do when I fish is to practice catch and release.  The fish I have kept have been the buggers that have swallowed my lures too deep.  Of our dinner guests, I have enjoyed Large Mouthed Bass and Northern Pike.  The Pike are boney, but by far the better tasting, in my humble opinion.

I will be posting more about fishing this summer, so please bear with me.  

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