Sunday, October 16, 2011

Limited Out

As I passed Michale D's I hoped that the wind on the lake would be manageable.  The sun was shimmering bright and there was not a bit of wind, the lake was glass!  I picked up the phone and called Darren.  "Hey, what are you doing?  Wanna go fishing?"  He answered immediately and said that he would meet me as soon as he could get in town.

I put the boat in at Higgin's point and made my way back up to Booth's Park where I was to pick up Darren. He called when he reached Silver Beach. I had my line out and was making my way to the beach and caught my first fish. I figured I would get the first one in the boat before Darren got on board because last time he out fished me. 

After Darren arrived we fished from Booth's Park over into Bennett Bay and back.  We looped around the lake and kept busy the whole afternoon either catching fish or missing fish.  We had a great time fishing in beautiful weather, we limited out with 30 Kokanee.  This will probably be the last time we will fish for these fish, they are getting the hooked jaw, growing darker, and turning a bit red.  We'll have to hit them again next season, the good thing is that I have about 40 of them to smoke in our Little Chief.

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