Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Update

Let's see, where do I start, went fishing Sunday with Mike Andersen. We launched at Hayden Lake's Sportsman access. Fished about three hours and caught a nice mess of crappie. On the way home we noticed that the turn signals on the right side of the camper and boat were out. I got everything put away by about 11 pm and hit the sack.

Yesterday, Monday, I moved the boat and camper to their parking spots next to the garage. After that I started out checking the turn signal issue. The truck lights were ok but the right signals and breaks on both the camper and the boat were out. I called Mike Wassmuth, my technical advisor, and he suggested checking for a bulb blown out. I quickly checked the camper turn signal bulb and it was good. We thought that maybe they were wired in a series and when one was out it affected both.

I moved into the truck and found the fuse box. Did you know that they fuse almost everything in a Dodge truck! I pulled a few fuses and found on that was gone. Raced to the auto part store and bought some new fuses. Sped back and replaced the old one. Lights on! No blood, no shocks, and no swear words!

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TheBeanTeam said...

Amazing. Didn't at least one thing go wrong. Come on now be truthful.