Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our Guests Arrive

Today was tiange day, or for you gringos, traveling market day. We found the market about two blocks from our house this year. It seems like the location changes every time we come down and when it moves, it moves closer to our place. At the market was the usual fare, we quickly strolled through and didn’t buy anything. We were impressed with its size this year but there still was nothing that interested us, so we were in and out in about an hour.

At 1:00 PM we met everyone at the pool for volleyball. We had enough for two teams of four each with two subs. I decided to rest my knee a bit today so I only played two games. We were finished in a little over an hour. Larry had to drive to the airport to pick up some folks and we had to get the place ready for Bill and Terri Burch’s arrival.

When the Bill and Terri arrived we had a couple of cold beers waiting and cracked open the fresh salsa I had made earlier. Their flights went very smooth and naturally they were very tired. We walked into town and ate at Buena Gusto. When we were finished we walked to the plaza and took in some of the cultural entertainment before buying pastries and heading home.

Melaque is all a buzz with the events of the Festival. We can hear the music from our front room and it is clear that we will have to get used to this nightly serenade. I took a couple video clips of the music and dancing.

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